• Jen Thomas

    Jen Thomas

    writing. films. art journaling. snail mail. books. music. coffee. etc.

  • shelby hiatt

    shelby hiatt

    Writer. Author PANAMA. Political and Science Channel junkie, seeker of common sense long as it's progressive. Just kidding. Actually, not kidding.

  • Alexandra McNair

    Alexandra McNair

  • Scott Joy

    Scott Joy

  • Simon Peter de Veer

    Simon Peter de Veer

    Savvy's Dad. Business, Man. Dog Whisperer. Mindful Meathead, Fitness Geek: http://www.simonsaystraining.com

  • Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Executive Director, Project Drawdown. Climate & environmental scientist, focused on solutions. GlobalEcoGuy.org

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